Thermographic Imaging

Thermography is carried out to eliminate any costly system failures that may occur within a business. Thermal Imaging is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools available. It uses a non-contact infrared or “heat” picture to identify hot spots within your electrical systems.

With a thermal imaging camera, our engineers can examine your electrical system to predict when any maintenance is required, preventing potential faults from disrupting day-to-day activities. As electrical connections become loose, there is a resistance to current that can cause an increase in temperature. This increased temperature can then cause components to fail, potentially resulting in unplanned outages and injuries. In addition energy is spent generating heat, causing unnecessary losses. If left unchecked, heat can rise to a point where connections melt and break the circuit; as a result, fires may occur.

In addition to heat, electrical systems suffer from load imbalances, corrosion, and increase in impedance to current. Thermography can quickly locate these, determine the severity of the problem, and help establish the timeframe in which the equipment should be repaired.

Best practice would suggest that when clients have their installation tested & Inspected (via an EICR) they should also look to have a thermal imaging survey undertaken.